A Review of our Regionals Teams Accomplishments in 2018!


12A : Our Avondale 12's, led by Head Coach DT, had a phenomenal season of growth and accomplishment, finishing 15th out of 80 teams!


12R1: Finishing 22nd at Regionals, 21st at Festival Fiesta and 43rd at Festival, Coach Megan Licking worked these amazing kids well, accomplishing outstanding progression!


12R2: Head Coach Kate McCully guided this team of characters, progressing their skill sets with a practiced eye, firm but positive hand, helping the team finish 43rd at Regionals and 43rd at Festival Fiesta!


12R3: Veteran Head Coach Ray Wrublick taught this group very well, often hammering opponents with their skill and ferocity, finishing 41st in the Region and 39th at Festival Fiesta!


13A: The Avondale 13's flourished under veteran Head Coach Chris Coleman, surprising team after team all season long with their tenacity, ability and work ethic, earning  4th in division 1. Finished 19th in 14 Club at Regionals, 8th in 13 Club at Festival  Fiesta and 21st at Festival!


13R1: Taking 18th at Festival Fiesta, 54th in the Region and 57th at Festival, Coach Ray Sharpnack went old school and progressed this team significantly from Day One through Regionals!

13R2: Taking 14 players is no easy task, but Coach Malia Papineau displayed enthusiasm, energy, and strong communication skills to help this team grow week after week. Finishing 36th at Festival Fiesta and 84th in the Region


14R1: Sisters Jessica and Bailey Knoles turned this team of raw volleyball players into a fit, fast and aggressive team throughout the season, and took this team to 36th at Regionals and 15th at Festival Fiesta!


14R2: Coach Gladis Enriquez, in addition to leading postseason 16G to glory at Festival, ALSO turned 14R2 into a team that played with huge heart in every match, finishing 63rd at Regionals and 53rd at Festival Fiesta!


14 Festival: Working their tails off in the post-season, 6 weeks of fast and furious training yielded 51st at Festival Fiesta!


15R: Coach Dan Walsh, while new to AZ Sky last season, showed very early on how mature his coaching presence would be. A steady hand, a calm and firm style, progressed this team to 57th at Festival Fiesta and 30th at Regionals!


15N Festival: 6 weeks is not a lot of time to put together a remixed team, yet Coach Chris Coleman did just that, placing 23rd at Festival!


16R: Veteran Coach Wes Goodwin, with his positive but practiced eye, taught and progressed this team tremendously throughout the season, and placed 28th at Regionals, 48th at Festival Fiesta and 85th at Festival.


16S: Avondale 16S battled all season, fighting hard for every point and placed 64th at Regionals, 66th at 16 Club