Practice Only (PO) Option

Practice Only player is a full member of our team, we have the same expectations of them practice and performance-wise, and in all respects will be coached and supported, cajoled, pressured, patted on the back and booted in the rear as is needed, just like everyone else. When it comes to regular tourney play (meaning NQ’s, Championship tourneys, Festival Fiesta, or tourneys that effect our rankings) a PO does NOT play unless the team drops below ten available players for whatever reason (travel, injury, illness, etc). When a PO does play, we support, cheer, scream for, clap for, all the things we do for every other player on the team. PO’s fulfill a huge role on the team, and have an incredibly tough job. Any PO that comes to a tourney knowing full well they may or may not play, but supports the team in any case, cheering their teammates for hours, without stepping on the court…they have our admiration and respect, hands down


Approval for PO player option is assessed on a case-by-case basis, solely through Arizona Sky Club Director Dennis Alexander or Owner DT Nguyen.