Since 2002, Arizona Sky has embodied passion, hard work and success in the world of Girl's Junior Volleyball.

Here are a few of our accomplishments...

AZ Sky Region Championships: 28

AZ Sky Best in Age Group Finishes: 45 

                 Top 5 Finishes In Region: 88 

AZ Sky bids won/earned for Junior Olympics: 78

  Teams in same age group qualified/earned bid to National: 10 

AZ Sky 14's won 1st Open Bid to JO's in Arizona: 2010 

AZ Sky won 1st at National Qualifier: 7

               Top 10 finishes at National: 15 

    AZ Sky won the 14s American Division: 2008     

    AZ Sky won the 15s American Division: 2011

    AZ Sky won the 15s Division at AAU's: 2013

    AZ Sky took 3rd in the 14’s American Division, 5th in the 12's American: 2015

    AZ Sky took 3rd in the 14’s National Division, 5th in the 12's National: 2017

    AZ Sky 12 Gold Wins the USAV NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP- American Div- 2019



2019: 26 Teams- 5 teams at USAV Nationals, 2 Teams at AAU Nationals, 16 teams at Festival


18Gold-National Div: 21st 

16Gold-National Div: 5th

14Gold-USA Div: 13th 

13Gold-National Div: 13th

12 Gold- NATIONAL CHAMPIONS in American Div


15Gold - 5th in Premier Division

17Gold- 27th in Open Division


14N1- 3rd in 14's

15N1- 4th in 15's

12N1- 5th in 12's

12G-ASC- 10th in 12's

15N2- 10th in 15's

Additionally, Arizona Sky had the 2nd Best Overall Achievement by a Club at AAU Festival Phoenix

2018: 28 Teams- 5 teams at USAV Nationals, 1 Team at AAU Nationals, 13 teams at Festival  

18Gold-USAV American: 21st 

15Gold-USAV National: 17th

14Gold-USAV American: 9th

13Gold-USAV OPEN: 13th 

13N-USAV American: 10th

17 Gold- AAU OPEN: 27th

16 Gold- CHAMPIONS of 16 Club at Festival

Regional Champions:    12 Gold (12 Club) and 13 Gold (14 Championship Div)

     Additionally, Arizona Sky earned the Club Achievement Award at Volleyball Festival for Best Overall Achievement by a Club



2017: 26 Teams- 6 Teams qualified for USAV Nationals-

18Gold-29th National

17Gold-11th USA

16Gold-21st National

15Gold-17th USA

14Gold-3rd National

12Gold-5th National



2016: 25 Teams- 8 Teams qualified for USAV Nationals-

18Gold-47th National

17Gold-5th American

16Gold-30th National

16N1-27th Patriot

15Gold-25th USA

15N1-42nd American

14Gold-27th National

12Gold-11th American

12N1-31st American



2015: 20 Teams- 5 Qualified for USAV Nationals-

16Gold- 14th USA

15Gold- 27th National

14Gold-  3rd American

13Gold- 13th American

12Gold-  5th American



2014: 26 Teams- 5 Qualified for USAV Nationals-

17Gold- 13th American

16Gold- 25th National

14Gold-19th National

14N1-    23rd American

12Gold-19th American



2013: 30 teams- 6 Qualified for USAV Nationals-

16Open-13th- National

15Open- 23rd- National

15N- 27th- American


13N1- 27th- National

12N1- 35th- National



2012: - 25 Teams- 4 Qualified for USAV Nationals-

15N- 38th- American

14N- 5th- National

13N- 5th- American

12N- 43rd- National