Frequently Asked Questions 


At Kingdom Courts, home of the Arizona Sky Volleyball Club, we have proven success in preparing our athletes for higher levels of competition and enhancing their passion for the sport. 

If you have never been exposed to club volleyball, the following Questions and Answers will assist you in learning more about Arizona Sky Volleyball Club itself and activities associated with club.  If you have participated in Club volleyball in the past and are looking for a Club that provides your children with something more than just skills development, then Arizona Sky is the place for you and your family!   


Q. What is Arizona Sky club volleyball? 
A. Arizona Sky Club volleyball is the ultimate source of training and competition for student athletes that are looking for a higher level of competition outside of their schools. It also provides exposure to college recruiters at National competitions. We provide our athletes with guidance and direction for the college-bound player.
Q. How long is club season? 
A. Club season varies from 4-8 months depending individual team success starting early November. If a team qualifies for the National Junior Olympic Volleyball Championships, season may be extended to the first week of July. Athletes that accepted a position after try out are committed for the entire season. Financial and times commitment for National/Open teams are much higher than Regional teams. Parents should evaluate thoroughly before signing the commitment form.
Q. How often are practices? 
A. Our priorities are religion, family, school academics and followed by sports. As such, we limit practices to only two/three times per week to allow our athletes the time to balance their personal and educational activities. Based on the success of Arizona Sky Athletes over the past 12 years, we believe that practice sessions more than three times per week could become a hindrance to both the athletes’ family life and the athletes’ grades.   
Q. How do I join Arizona Sky volleyball club? 
A. Tryouts and parents’ orientation meetings will be posted on our website by October 1st. However, an athlete can join Arizona Sky Volleyball Club at any given time during the season subject to team availability. Tryouts are an important process for the athlete to experience so we encourage everyone to participate during the team selection process.  Additional information on club tryouts can be found on the Arizona Region website 
Q. How are players selected during tryouts? 
A. Prior to tryouts, each athlete should research club choices to learn about the strengths and differences of each. Selecting a club prior to tryouts will be an important decision. Typically tryouts for most AZ Region clubs will fall on the same date. At Arizona Sky, athletes are selected based on a committee of coaches to ascertain that every participant receives proper assessment and evaluation. Criteria for selection depends on the age group, level of competition (Open, Championship and Club) and the coaches’ philosophy.   
Q. Why should I join Arizona Sky Volleyball Club? 
A. There are many reasons to chose Arizona Sky, besides our commitment to the athletes we have a proven and winning record as a club in both Regional and National events. The consistency in our performance record allows us to attract the best coaches and athletes in the valley. Arizona Sky Volleyball Club believes in teaching all around skills/fundamentals, integrity, leadership skills, sportsmanship, and teamwork. We believe in having athletes play in their age group and compete at the appropriate level. In addition, we believe that athletes relate better to their teammates when they are in the same age group, school or level of competition. 
Q. Where will my athlete practice? 
A. Arizona Sky has its own practice facility which allows us to have the best equipment and practice schedules readily available to the athletes and coaches. In addition, we utilize the American Sports Complex in Avondale for several teams and clinics as well. Prior to Tryouts, parents must determine which facility best suits their needs and SELECT that site on our on-line registration form. Most teams have a consistent practice schedule throughout the season and parents can feel secure knowing that their kids are having the same practice times and location. 
Q. What are the benefits of being part of a large club versus a small club? 
A. In a large club (12-18’s and at least 2 teams in each age group) athletes have access to a wider variety of skilled coaches to learn from and are able to seek higher levels of competition (Travel vs Regional). Resources allow many large clubs to have programs and processes in place to groom an athlete from Developmental to College level competition, which ultimately increases networking opportunities to assist athletes in achieving their goals and college endeavors. Small clubs (kids mostly from one or two schools) typically have fewer resources to draw from which can limit teaching styles, are subject to schedule availability and restrictions of practice facilities.  
Q. How does Arizona Sky promote their athletes to college recruiters? 
A. Arizona Sky athletes compete at the highest level of competition at both Regional and National events. By attending many out-of-state tournaments, Arizona Sky athletes receive exposure to colleges both inside and outside of AZ. Many of our coaches were collegiate players or are currently playing at their highest level. We encourage our athletes to pursue their volleyball interest beyond High School and we assist them in outlining the steps necessary throughout the season to achieve those goals. We have a program in place to inform and assist families throughout the process.  
Q. How are coaches assigned and selected? 
A. Our coaches are the most important representatives at Arizona Sky. We interview and assign coaches to teams fitting skill levels with age groups. We invest in our coach’s growth through in-house training and national certification programs.  


Q. What is Arizona Sky known for?
A. Arizona Sky VBC's mission is to develop the overall athlete, body, mind and spirit. We not only focus on developing strong fundamentals, but equally promote and teach humility, integrity and teamwork. We believe in teaching all around skills with athletes playing mulitple positions to enhance their volleyball IQ, and versitility on the court. We provide exposure to college recruiters at National competitions and we provide our athletes with guidance and direction for the college-bound player.


Q. Arizona Sky VBC has an excellent reputation for developing young players. What about the HS level athlete? 
A. Arizona Sky Club volleyball has won USAV Junior Olympic National Championships at 14 (2008) and 15 (2011). In additional to sending 12-14U teams to National every year, AZ Sky VBC also qualified at 15-17U for Junior Olympic Volleyball Competition in the last 7 years. Many of our athletes that were developed by AZ Sky coaches have been contributing to winning High School State Championships from 1A-5A and Charter School Programs. Many moved on to play at the collegiate levels and are returning to coach for us at AZ Sky.


Q. Why do so many atheltes from other clubs come to Arizona Sky VBC for additional skill training?
A. Arizona Sky VBC has the most highly experienced and knowledgeable set of coaches, a reliable air conditioned facility, and tools and equipment that accelerate the athletes’ learning and skill retention. In addition, we have many specialized coaches that work together and support each other to provide each athlete a comprehensive training program that surpass others. 
Q. How accommodating is Arizona Sky with multiple sports athletes? 
A. We encourage our athletes to play multiple sports. Our athletes can make up their missed practices with other Arizona Sky teams on an occasional basis. However, Open/National level athletes must dedicate themselves to volleyball as their primary sport during the season. 
Q. How are playing times managed? 
A. Playing times are not guaranteed at any level.  However, we often limit to no more than twelve per teams. As long as the athletes fulfill their commitments, continue to improve in skills and teamwork, playing times should be a non-issue. We expect our coaches to be in constant communication with their athletes in regard to their contribution and role on the team. Play time is earned and based on work ethic, attitude and talent.
Q. When and where are tournaments? 
A.  Six Saturday tournaments and State Regional are normally held in the Phoenix areas. Tournament location will be posted on no later than Thursday for the following Saturday tournament. National/Open teams will participate in 1-3 Out of States Qualifiers. Qualifying teams go to Junior Olympic Volleyball Competition where it’s held at different venues each year within US.  Open/National teams that do not qualify for nationals will be encouraged to participate in the Festival Tournament or other post season tournament.
Q. How much involvement is expected from parents? 
A. It will be up to each coach to establish the level of involvement by parents. Parents can assist their team as chaperones, fundraisers, and participating in team-building activities under the coach’s direction.    
Q. What are covered in the fees? 
A.  Club fees cover registrations, membership, tournaments, coaches’ fees, gym rental, six weeks of strength and conditioning program, any group training by Arizona Sky coaches, uniforms and administration. For Open/National team, travel expenses are in addition to posted club fees.   
Q.  Are there payment options or plans? 
A. Payment can be made in full right after tryouts (5% discount) or on a monthly schedule. A $25 late fee will be charged 7 days after due date.  Lack of payment may result in having your child removed from the team until the account is brought up to date.   
Q. Are there any fundraising opportunities offered by the Club? 
A. Coaches and parents are welcome to initiate any type of fundraising activities for the benefit of individuals or their team. Kingdom Courts offers a percentage of profits from selling banners, advertisement and vending. Ask club management about other ways to earn club credit, such as housekeeping and administration tasks.   
Q. What other volleyball programs are offered besides Club? 
A.  Kingdom Courts is a year round, full training volleyball facility. It offers club junior girls and boys, men and women teams, adult Co-Ed leagues, 35+ Draw, position clinics, private lessons, strength and conditioning. In addition, we offer sand beach double and tournament hosting.