Coaching Experience:

  • 2019-2020: 14R3 Head Coach, 14N1 Asst Coach, 15N1 2nd Asst Coach, 16N1 2nd Asst Coach

  • 2018-2019: 14G Head Coach, finished 4th at MLK 16’s division, 5th at Festival Fiesta in 14 Open Division, 9th in Gold USA Division at Colorado Crossroads, 13th in 14’s Open Division at SCVA, 5th at AZ Regional, earned an USA bid and finished 25th at National.

  • 2017-2018: Head Coach AZ Sky 12A (4th team) at ASC. Finished 15th in Region. Assisted 14G to 5th place finished at MLK 16’s Division, 1st place finished at Festival Fiesta Open Division.

  • 2014-2018: Director AZ Sky VBC

  • 2016-2017: Head Coach 12N1 (12-2 team) and earned an American bid. Assist 14G to a Bronze medal finish 3rd in National Division.

  • 2015-2016 Arizona Sky VBC 12N1 Head Coach-lead 12N1 (AZ Sky 2's team) to 3rd place at Festival Fiesta, 7th place at AZ Regionals (Champion of Silver Division) and earned American bid to Nationals in Indianapolis

  • 2014-2015: 15N1 Head coach, 3rd at Festival Fiesta. Took over 15G for postseason and finished 27th at National. Assisted 14G to top 3 finish at Junior Nationals in New Orleans.

  • 2014: AZ Sky 12N1 Head Coach finished 7th in Region, 2nd in Reno Qualifier, 14N1 Head Coach finished 3rd in AZ Region, 1st at Festival-Fiesta, 1st at SoCal and 5th at Colorado Qualifier. Both teams qualified for National in Minnesota.

  • 2013: AZ Sky 18-3 Head Coach finished 9th at AZ Region, 13N2 finished 10th at Festival 

  • 2012: AZ Sky 12N1 Head Coach finished 3rd in AZ Region, 18's Lead Coach

  • 2011: AZ Sky 12N1 Head Coach finished 4th in AZ Region, 16N1 Head Coach finished 2nd in AZ Region, 13R1 and 15N2 Festival Head Coach with both teams finished in Gold division

  • 2010-2009: Club Director, Head up Veritas Preparatory Academy volleyball program and Head coach

  • 2010: AZ Sky 12N1 Region Champion, 5th Colorado Crossroads, 29th National Division USAV JO's Reno

  • 2009: AZ Sky 12N1, Region Champions, 25th at USAV Junior Olympics Miami 

  • 2008: AZ Sky 13N2, Qualified for National

  • 2007: AZ SKY 12-2, finished 2nd in AZ Region and 4th at California Finals

  • 2006: AZ SKY 12-2, finished 3rd in AZ Region and HS Varsity coach at Veritas Preparatory Academy

  • 2005: AZ SKY 12-3, Flight 1 Champion in AZ and 4th at California Finals

  • 2004: DT developed and directed programs to support the overall Kingdom Courts volleyball activities.  Many of these programs created the foundation that has produced repeat successes at AZ SKY VBC. 

  • 2004-2007: AZ Sky Kings Boys Club Director 

  • 2003: AZ SKY 13-1, finished 7th at Cactus Classic and represented Arizona at the USAV JO's in Atlanta

  • 2002: AZ SKY 14-1, finished 3rd at Cactus Classic, 5th in AZ and 10th at High Roller in California

  • 2001: AZ SKY 15-2, finished 9th at Cactus Classic, 17th in AZ Region

  • 2000: AZ SKY 14-2 and 13-2, finished 21st and 26th respectively in AZ Region

  • 1999-2002:  Head Coach with Phoenix Joys VBC 13-16's

1997-2001:  Coached and ran the Adult Volleyball Leagues @ North Phoenix Baptist Church

  • 1999-2002:  Head Coach with Phoenix Joys VBC 13-16's

1997-2001:  Coached and ran the Adult Volleyball Leagues @ North Phoenix Baptist Church

  • Playing Experience:

    • DT developed his passion for the game from playing intramural volleyball during his Senior year at the University of Illinois. He continues to play in adult leagues and tournaments.


  • Certifications/Training:

    • Cap l Certified

    • USAV High Performance and Gold Medal Squared Trained

    • Impact Certified





"Volleyball is Life, The Rest Are Just Details!"