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Our practice "Home" is Kingdom Courts since 2003, located at

11410 N. 19th Ave

Phoenix AZ 85029



 NW corner of 19th Ave. & Cholla, with additional Training at

ASC in Avondale

 755 N 114th Ave,
Avondale, AZ 85323

Arizona Sky is a member of USA Volleyball and all coaches are IMPACT certified and have either coached/competed at the college, club or high school level.

We strive to provide a competitive, fun and positive learning environment for to prepare athletes for Junior High, High School or College Volleyball. We believe in developing the entire student athlete; mental, physical and social. Our coaches focus on developing strong volleyball fundamentals, humility, integrity, teamwork and the love of competition. As such, each athlete earns her position/court time through their own work ethic, positive attitude and commitment for excellence. 


Arizona Sky VBC offers competition at Club, Championship, and Open levels up to ages 18

Club Volleyball Preparatory Program (CVP) offers skills training all year for athletes of all ages and levels. 

What's Unique about

Arizona Sky Volleyball Club?

  • A centrally located facility with four courts and an observation area

  • Passionate coaches that are willing to invest time and $ to grow the sport of volleyball

  • Club coaches are Gold Medal Square (GMS) trained and are at a minimum, Impact certified

  • Promote continued education for their coaching staff, place athletes' academics ahead of sports

  • Year round, volleyball training facility for girls, boys, adults and outdoor sand

  • Accessibility to coaches, equipment and court times ouside of practice schedule

  • Club Volleyball Preparatory (CVP) to develop athletes from beginning to 18's 

  • Successful History from 2002-2015:  

Arizona Sky State Champions: 23

Arizona Sky Best in age group finishes at State (including 13, 15 and 17's): 42 and approximately 78 top five division finished 


AZ Sky bid won for Junior Olympics: 59 (43 times for 12-14's and 16 times for 15-18's). Of the 59 teams, six teams were second level team. 

12Gold took 5th In NATIONAL Div at Junior Olympics- 2017

14Gold took 3rd in American Division at Junior Olympic- 2015

12Gold took 5th in American Divsion at Junior Olympic- 2015 

15Gold won the AAU National Championship at Festival- 2014  

AZ Sky won the 15s American Division at Junior Olympics-2011 

AZ Sky won 1st Open bid to JO’s for 14's in 2010 

AZ Sky won the 14s American Division at Junior Olympics in 2008

Top 10 finishes at Junior Olympics: 10


Practices & Conditioning

Practices are an essential part of an athletes learning experience and is considered to be an extension of their education. Practices encompasses fitness (speed/agility, strength and conditioning), scheduled practices, position skill clinics and tournaments. Extra practices or tournaments requested by the coaches are not mandatory. An athlete may be excuses from practices due to religion, family, school academics and health. Extenuating circumstances shall be resolved between the parents and the club. 


  • Athletes should arrive 15 minutes prior to practice to stretch and warm up. 

  • Athletes should directly inform their coaches in advance of any practice conflicts and let them know if they are going to be late or missing practice/tournaments due to illness. Continued violations will result in removal from the team. 

  • Athletes must attend practice prior to tournaments to be eligible to play. 

  • Athletes and coaches must dress appropriately for both practices and tournaments.

  • Consumption of gum, candy, food or drinks other than water is prohibited on the gym floor. 

  • Parents must remain UPSTAIRS during practice so that athletes are not distracted during practice. 

  • All practice bags must be placed on shelves and off the courts.

  • Athletes can make up practices with another team (please arrange with a coach beforehand)

  • Equipment shall be returned to the designated location and organized. 

  • Balls encroaching into another court shall be sent to the back of the court and not across a court to prevent injury.

  • Parents and siblings are NOT allowed on the court during practice

  • Injuries need to be reported to coaches prior to practicing

Play Time Policy

Our coaches shall abide and enforce Arizona Sky club policy on playing time. Play time is dictated by the athlete’s commitment to the sport of volleyball. That commitment includes meeting all requirements pertaining to financial, academic, attendance, improvement, teamwork and the following of instructions. However, play time is at the discretion of the coaches due to competition match up, position and imrpovements from practices. 

We strive to develop athlete for multiple positions. They will see play time in proportion to their level of commitment, skills improvement, work ethic and attitude. Play time is not guaranteed at the Open/National level, it is earned. These teams are formed to compete at a much higher level and will receive exceptional training. 

Under no circumstance will an athlete be forced to enter a game with a known injury. All injury shall be documented with the Arizona Region. 

Club Philosophy  

Arizona Sky Volleyball Club endorses and enforces all existing USAV Rules and Regulations, Code of Ethics and Conducts, and sound principles of fitness training. We adhere to our core philosophies and demonstrate humility, integrity, teamwork and the passion for the games of volleyball. We promote all around skills, place the best coach at the appropriate age level, support multi-sport athletes, encourage athletes to play in appropriate age group, hire passionate coaches and strive to deliver more than we promise. 

We believe in developing leadership skills, teamwork and sportsmanship on and off the court. All coaches use the same keys in practice and follow club philosophy to have continuity from one year to another. Coaches attend monthly meetings to share ideas, philosophies and drills because we want to develop our coaches as well as our athletes and provide quality instruction at all levels. We have mentor or lead coaches in place to provide support to every coach on staff. The following four key areas as a basis for our program: Communication, Practice, Game Management and Team/Individual Goals. 

Communication: Coaches will regularly communicate expectations, goals and pertinent club information to their athletes and parents. Coaches will be consistent in implementing policies, team rules and consequences throughout the season. Coaches will inform the administration of any team concerns or issues. Athlete/Coach evaluations will take place throughout the season so that players will have an opportunity to voice their opinions, set individual goals and understand their role on the team. Parents are encouraged and welcome to attend. Administration will send out mass emails and update our website with important information pertaining to clinics, tournaments, travel and college recruiting.

Practice: Drills will be game-like and allow for maximum touches by athletes, NOT coaches. We promote all around skills, fast pace, intense practices, goal oriented consequences vs. punishment and immediate feedback to athletes on what they are doing right on the court. Coaches will provide practice plans (daily and overall season plan) and also set benchmarks to reach throughout the season. 

Game Management: Arizona Sky plays to win with every athlete. All athletes will have equal opportunity for court time, play time is not guaranteed but earned through hard work, positive attitude and improvements shown in practice. National and Regional teams will differ slightly in play time philosophy due to participating in a competitive environment and program goals of qualifying for Junior Olympics. We limit the number of athletes per team in order to maximize one on one instruction time, play time and to develop all around skills. Our goal is to keep our teams at 10 players with a limit of 12.

Team/Individual Goals and Evaluations: Our coaches will set team and individual goals immediately after try-outs. Coaches will take proper stats and utilize information in games to plan practices. There will be one-on-one meeting with athletes (and parents) to discuss their role on the team and what goals they want to meet by the end of the season. Benchmarks will be set throughout the season to meet set expectations. 

Practice Schedule: Our region teams will practice twice a week, plus have the option to participate in position skills clinics and our strength and conditioning program for six to eight weeks. Our national teams will practice two times a week with an optional third practice, participate in position skills clinics and our 8 week strength and conditioning program (all 14 and younger teams will focus on speed and agility. 15 years and up will add strength training). Team coaches will work with our Strength and Conditioning coaches to create a program for individual and team needs. 

General Policy

•                Arizona Sky supports and enforces all AZ Region and USAV policies (our governing bodies).

•               All coaches have a minimum of IMPACT certification and are background checked by the AZ Region.

•                Our staff will be respectful, exhibit high moral values and integrity when they are interacting with Jr. athletes, parents or representing the club at local/national tournaments and AZ Region events.

•               Selection to a team will be based on athletic ability, skill assessments, game play, attitude and how well they respond to direction (coachability). Coaches committee is in place to help score assessments and offer input during Open Houses and Tryout.

Gold/National teams: Coaches are encouraged to limit roster to ten players, 12 max. Teams participate in all region tournaments, one to two out of state National Qualifier. Our goal is to qualify for USAV Junior Olympics.

•                Athletes are expected to stay in the same hotel, follow all club guidelines and rules set by their coaches. 

•      We require a commitment to your volleyball team before any other sport. Family, faith and education are supported choices that can take precedence from time to time over practice and tournaments

Regional teams: Have a player target of 10 per roster and limit of 12. Teams participate in all region tournaments.      

•                The general rule of the club is a 'no release' policy once a player has committed to a team. Extenuating circumstances can be considered once commitment fees are paid in full.                

•                A player is recommended to play in their age group/grade in pre-high school years. Age waivers to play down may be granted in particular situations (2 per teams).

•                An athlete may elect to participate in practices only and not attend tournament

•                Playing time for Regional teams will be in proportion to their level of commitment, ability, work ethic, and attitude, with an emphasis on tournament playing time for all athletes.

•                Coaches will provide one-on-one player evaluations throughout the season. Coaches will set individual goals and list strengths and areas needed for improvement. Student athletes will know their role on the team. Coaches should be able to explain why court time is less than an athlete's/parent's expectations and what that athlete needs to do to get where they want to be.

•                Player, Parent and Arizona Sky staff misconduct will not be tolerated. An incident form will be available on request. All incidents will be reviewed and action will be taken if necessary.

•                Arizona Sky reserves the right to sanction its club players or it's staff for any misconduct.

•                The General Manager reserves the right to move players or coaches to different teams either permanently or temporarily

•                The use of foul language, alcohol, tobacco, drugs or inappropriate sexual innuendo will not be tolerated. AZ Sky will provide a safe, positive and challenging environment for all its participants.

To avoid miscommunication within the club, the General Manager (DT) will be the point of contact for any issues or questions regarding Arizona Sky Volleyball Club and Kingdom Courts volleyball facility  


Arizona Sky's Training Program


(Club Volleyball Preparatory)

This program is provided year round for athletes of all ages and levels of talent. This program was orignally intended for HS players that did not play HS or did not make their HS team. Today, it is open to all ages and levels. 

Typical training begins on July 15 and continue on a monthly or weekly basis. Sunday drop in skill training from 4-5:30pm is open to everyone. Please check for the latest schedule. 

For more information go to CVP tab and Kingdom Courts links on our website.

Arizona Sky Volleyball Club

11410 N. 19th Ave

Phoenix AZ 85029



Arizona Sky VBC :

Kingdom Courts General Manager: DT Nguyen, 

Arizona Sky VBC Director: Dennis Alexander